“SAARTHI” The Smart Vehicle QR Sticker.

Green Signal Technologies Presents the “SAARTHI QR Sticker” the smart vehicle QR Sticker can be used to install on any type of vehicle to address wrong parking & to handle Accidental situations better.

By placing this sticker on your vehicle, you can allow others to contact you without sharing your phone number if your vehicle is blocking someone’s path. The concerned individual can scan the sticker and communicate with you anonymously to resolve the issue. Similarly, in case of an accident during your journey where you might be seriously injured or unconscious, people who come to your aid can scan the sticker and inform your family without knowing their contact details. They can provide assistance and ensure your safe arrival at the hospital.

Through this process, your mobile number and your family’s mobile number will remain completely secure. The conversations that take place will be recorded by the company’s server, so if there is any dispute or accident-related situation, you can file a claim. With the features of the “SAARTHI QR Sticker”, you can inform the vehicle owner about wrong parking or other issues such as traffic police towing the vehicle, lights being left on inadvertently, or a broken windshield Etc.

They can assist you and help resolve these problems. Additionally, in the situation of an accident, they can inform your family and arrange for blood donation etc.You can fulfill your social responsibilities through the “SAARTHI QR Sticker” to build the nation better.