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"The Money, Money that's what we earn every day. Some earn 1k Per day, some earn 5 k Per day, and some earn 50 k per Day. But along with money, do we also earn Fame? Very few people are able to earn fame, whether it's written in their destiny by God or the work they do directly relates to building a reputation. I also earn money, but earning fame is a big thing for me. In my journey of life, I want to earn fame, a fame that brings joy to people, a relationship that holds eternal emotions. While searching for such work that could help me earn fame and build relationships, something caught my attention, something that compelled me to embark on a new journey. Thus, I established a company named Green Signal Technologies.

Where did the name Green Signal come from? It came from a green traffic light that symbolizes a new beginning, a new wave. It signifies achieving another milestone in life. I have earned money, and I will continue to earn it, but earning a fame is still pending. If you also desire to earn a fame and contribute something to society, to make society better in your own way, through Green Signal Technologies, let's create technological solutions to address the problems prevailing in society and provide solutions for the social individuals. Through technology, we can bring improvements to our lives and eradicate the evils and troubles around us. It is with this mission that our name is associated. So, let's join hands and work together to make our society better & safe. Welcome to Green Signal Technologies!" SAARTHI
If you want to shine like a Sun, First Burn like a Sun.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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"Thank you for your appreciation and for boosting our morale. We are very grateful to all of you."

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